Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poking the weekend reminder on free books - Update

My Bondage and My Freedom

    By Frederick Douglass, 1818-1895 (Author)

        $0.00 Kindle edition     7 user reviews, all 5-star

(Hardcover, 2008 - $24.95       Paperback, 2005 - $6.95)

        From one user review, by James Hiller:
" Frederick Douglass originally penned his book as a response to people's accusations that someone as articulate and composed as he couldn't possibly be a former slave.  With that goal in mind, Douglass wrote his memoirs, in a straightforward, powerful way.  In the book, he painfully and honestly documents the path his early life took; the memories of being owned, how slaves coped during these times, and how he managed to pull himself out of it all. "

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  1. Andrys,

    Thanks for this heads-up!

  2. Thanks! I've just downloaded this. Love having it on my laptop - I have it in an omnibus edition of African-American writing which is cumbersome to handle!

  3. newwine,
    I'd never read it but it goes high on my reading list (which is overwhelming though). Great idea re putting it on for Kindle for PC viewing.

  4. Interesting - The linked Table of Contents for this book is active on the Kindle For PC app., but not on the Kindle itself. When I try to move the cursor to a chapter link on the Kindle, it encloses the entire chapter info. on the screen in a box, and the text at the bottom of the screen reads, “Move the 5-way to the right to begin panning the table, or click to place the cursor within the table”. Moving the 5-way doesn’t have any effect that I can detect, however, nor does clicking. This is the only book that I’ve noticed this difference between PC and Kindle, so far.

  5. Batman,
    They did something unusual with this one. It's a block all right, but they have a message at the status bar on the bottom that says:

    "Move the 5-way to the right to begin panning the table, or click to place the cursor within the table"

    The first just takes us to the "LIFE as a FREEMAN" and doesn't prepare us for "panning" the table.

    The second works. If you click on the 5-way while the box/table is framed, then your cursor will go into the box and you can cursor down it and click on a link to get to the right chapter.

    I should probably add that...

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  6. Oh, I didn't get to the 2nd half of your note before typing my response. For me, the click on does work -- but you have to move the cursor to the right or down... and the hand to indicate a link comes up.

  7. That did it! Gracias!

  8. Great !

    I -will- add something to the main post later... Many thanks.


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