Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazon's Best of 2009 and new Bestsellers Archive

Today, in a press release, Amazon announced its "Best of 2009" lists and launched the Bestsellers Archive.

The "Best of" lists include the bestselling, 'most-wished-for' (not a PR phrase I particularly like) and favorite gift products in 2009.

The Bestsellers Archive is a new feature which allows customers to view historical bestsellers in Books, Kindle Books, MP3 Downloads, Movies & TV, Music, Video, Video Games and Video On Demand (for example, here are the Bestsellers in Kindle Books for 2009).

 When there, you'll see that you can choose to see the bestseller lists for each topic for any year going back to 1995 by choosing the year from the pull-down box for 'Year'...

AN ASIDE: The NY Times also has a looking-back piece today, a chart of the last 10 years by topic with an image that represents the most unforgettable aspect of each of those years, at least for Phillip Niemeyer, the art director for the nostalgic piece, Picturing the Past 10 Years.

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  Eva Manolis, VP of Retail Customer Experience (an interesting title) adds that customers exploring the lists will likely find not only some of their favorites there but also items they haven't known about.  Smart marketing :-)

Maybe of interest to readers: their Business Wire includes a list of Bestselling Products of 2009 (below), by total units sold -- I didn't find a page for this specific list at Amazon itself, so I've linked (above) to the overall 2009 page there.  If anyone wants, I can later make a link to each dept from this list to speed up access to those bestseller2009 topic pages.

  * Electronics: Kindle Wireless Reading Device
  * Books: "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown
  * Kindle Books: "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown
  * DVD: "Twilight"
  * Video On Demand: "Twilight"
  * Music: "I Dreamed a Dream" by Susan Boyle
  * MP3 Album: "No Line on the Horizon" by U2
  * MP3 Song: "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas
  * Video Games: Wii
  * Computers: ASUS Eee PC 1005HA 10.1-Inch Black Netbook
  * Software: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
  * Home & Garden: Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator
  * Grocery: Coffee People, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
  * Gourmet Food: 50's Decade Box Gift Basket
  * Health & Personal Care: Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer
  * Beauty: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation
  * Toys: Scrabble Slam Cards
  * Baby: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
  * Clothing & Accessories: Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed Fit Jean
  * Shoes and Handbags ( and Crocs Cayman Sandal
  * Jewelry: Sterling Silver Marcasite & Garnet Glass Heart Pendant
  * Watches: Casio Men's Sea Analog Illuminator Dual LED Dive Watch
  * Sports & Outdoors: P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program
  * Home Improvement: Toro Ultra 12 Amp Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum
  * Automotive: Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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